Attention all Race Fans (and those who want to help the IHF!) :


We have a very unique opportunity for everyone - the Indianapolis "500" Gordon Pipers are a terrific group who have been exceptionally loyal in their support of our veterans since the beginning of our work.  You have seen and heard them leading our heroes into the the homecoming in full regalia and sounding fantastic for the past five years!


Now, as a exclusive to the Indy Honor Flight, the Indianapolis "500" Gordon Pipers have offered to allow a single lucky fan to spend the day with them at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Armed Forces Pole Day, Sunday, May 21st - probably the most exciting day in all of May next to Race Day itself!  Not only can you be there to support our military veterans on this special day, you will have all the access the Indianapolis "500" Gordon Pipers receive while they do what only they can do!


So how do I win, you ask?  We are holding a private bidding for donations, the highest bidder will get to go with the Indianapolis "500" Gordon Pipers!  Not only can you win a very exclusive experience, you can make a donation to the Indy Honor Flight and help us honor our Hoosier Heroes at the same time! 


If you would like to bid (this is so cool, of course you do!) please email your bid to (our Own Jersey Johnny), or call 317-450-4452 or listen to the Jersey Johnny Show Sundays from 10:00-Noon on FM 107.5 The Fan and WIBC 1070 AM.  Johnny will notify the winner on Sunday May 14th.  So you have until 11:00 AM on Sunday, May 14th to make your bid!  If you have any questions, please call Johnny at the number listed. 


We appreciate your support and send our very special thanks to the Indianapolis "500" Gordon Pipers for making such a generous offer!  Now let the bidding begin!

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